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The Purpose of A Skinning KnifeHunting is a sport that has been around for a very long time and even in dawn of humanity there have been evidence that our ancestors creating tools, out of sharpened stone effectively to dispatch wild game during hunting sessions. That tradition pretty much continued to be carried out and the norm of hunter until the skinning knife became the standard of all game hunters.

Unlike earlier interpretations, a modern day skinning knife is a specialized sweeping blade that will successfully separate and animal’s skin from the valuable meat without damaging the muscle. It is perfect for large game like deer and elk but can also be used for smaller animals such as raccoon and squirrels. The blade is usually skinnier than normal blades which allow it to have a slight bend while skinning.

The modern knives of today are usually stainless steel or either surgical steel, both known to hold a sharp edge. However, most hunters would prefer older, carbon steel blades because they are not extremely hard like metal. Stainless steel and surgical metal blades also pose a problem when its time for reshaping which in the main reason most hunters prefer carbon steel blades. Carbon steel blades can be resharpened in the open with minimum equipment.

They are specifically made for experienced game hunters and the handle on the grip is created to adjust to the hunter’s fingers. The also have very tiny serrations that will enhance the knives efficiency. A skinning knife can also work well as a drop point and clip point knife.

There are several tools offered to help hunters sharpen their skinning knives. Some of them are quite basic like ceramic sticks while others are a little more advanced like mechanical sharpeners. However, many hunters prefer to use lighter and more compact types of sharpeners and use a sharpening stones instead.

There are also some skinning stones made with small, dull and barbed hooks on the end. These are called gut hooks. The main purpose of a gut hook is to cut open an animals abdomen without damaging any of its internal organs or the meat. When a the carcass of wild game is dressed, it is opened with the knife. Afterwards, in order to fully open the carcass, the pelvic bone is cut allowing the internal organs to finally be removed.

Skinning knives have been around for a long time but have improved in their efficiency. They allow hunter to use them not only for skinning but for several other things as well while out in the wilderness. While out hunting, your experience and the type of game you are hunting for will determine which knife is the right choice for you.


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