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Whatever your reason for riding a motorcycle, whether it be to save on gas for commuting, or simply as a hobby, you should always look to considering your safety first. Making sure you are trained properly, by ensuring you have proper gear and a good helmet such as an ICON Helmet, and constantly refreshing your skills, are just some of the things you will need to consider. There are 5 major safety tips to remember before deciding to become a motorcyclist.

Tip One – Get Trained and Licensed

Riding a motorcycle is drastically different than driving a car. As a motorcyclist you will have to be substantially more defensive in your driving than when in a car. This means paying attention to your surroundings at all times.

Taking a course on how to drive defensively and getting the proper licensing will ensure your optimum safety and enjoyable riding experience.

Tip Two – Wear Protective Gear

If you aren’t sure which areas of your body you want to protect then consider this question; “Which areas of my body would I be OK with having blasted by a power sander?” If you said none, then you are going to want to protect your entire body.

Make sure to have proper riding pants, a jacket, boots, gloves, and a superior helmet such as ICON Helmets, before you become a motorcyclist. Purchasing gear that is specifically designed with the motorcyclist in mind will ultimately be safer and more comfortable.

Tip Three – Ride Unimpaired

It should be a given but every year thousands of individuals are killed by drunk drivers. If you are impaired by drugs or alcohol you stand a greater chance of killing yourself when you are a motorcyclist than if you were in a car. So whether it’s a car or a motorcycle just don’t drink or do drugs and drive.

Also be sure to get plenty of rest and fluids. Fatigue caused by lack of sleep or dehydration can impair and delay reactions when unexpected situation arise. These split second decisions can be the difference between life or death.

Tip Four – Ride Within Your Skill Limit

As a beginning rider you want to stay within the speed limits and on roads that you are most comfortable with. Work your way up to riding on hi-ways and then freeways. Don’t attempt to ride your bike on roads that have a lot of switchbacks until you are comfortable maneuvering the bike in that way.

Also try to be mindful of weather conditions as well. If a big storm is rolling in and you are an inexperienced rider, getting caught in the fray of a rain storm can not only be unnerving but dangerous as well.

Tip Five – Be A Lifelong Learner

Just as with any skill set in life, it takes time, patience, and perseverance, to master the basics and become adept at anything, and riding a motorcycle is no exception. Constantly reading about what is new and advanced can help to make your experience as a motorcyclist more safe and pleasant. Also taking refresher courses will help to keep your skills current on changing laws.

Remember safety first and have fun riding!

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