Feathers for Summer Crafting

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Summer is around the corner and that means opportunities for craft projects large and small are on the horizon. Summer camps, Vacation Bible Schools, scout troop meetings, and public school extended session programs equal thousands of kids in need of creative ways to fill their days.

Feathers offer an endless array of ideas for young and old. Peacock feathers wholesale, as well as the many other types, textures, and colors, are affordable and a fun part of any craft project.

A Few Popular Types of Craft Feathers

  • Peacock feathers are loved for their beautiful blue and green plumes.
  • Goose- incredibly soft and surprisingly inexpensive, these feathers are dyed a variety of bright colors and are perfect for making jewelry or hairclips.
  • Turkey quills are also dyed a number of colors. They are long and thin and are not soft.
  • Marabou are super-soft and known best for their use in boas but they can also be used in many craft projects.

Summer camps for kids, whether they are day camps or residential for an extended time, often offer an optional craft activity each day. Camp directors would be wise to include feather projects for their ease of instruction and fun factor the kids will love while keeping within a budget.

A Few Camp Craft Project Ideas

  • A Native American Headdress- turkey feathers are perfect for this project because they are long and colorful and will stand straight when attached to a band.
  • Jewelry and Hairclips- Goose, marabou, guinea, and pheasant are small, soft, and colorful and work well on hair clips or for earrings, belts, and necklaces.
  • Masks- a variety of feathers makes brilliant and creative masks for a child’s pretend play. There are no rules in gluing or attaching feathers of any texture or type- the sky is the limit.

Vacation Bible Schools and day camps pop up all across America throughout the summer months. Many organizations choose a theme and decorate the facility to add excitement for the kids as they arrive. Peacock feathers wholesale are one way to get the “wow” from kids and adults alike. These feathers are as light as air and easily attached to wall décor or costumes. Jungle or Safari themes are popular for kids events. The creative use of peacock as well as many other types of feathers will send the kids home talking about their day. The kids will want to bring their friends back with them the next day, creating a win-win for everyone!

A quick internet search will glean many craft project ideas for the kids, but don’t for get the teachers and staff that will work with the kids through the summer. The volunteers or paid staff are a great resource for ideas on what can be accomplished. Bring a pile of feathers to your next team meeting, stand back and enjoy as the ideas flow!

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