Payette River Recreation

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Idaho’s river rafting paradise only lies 45 minutes west of Boise via highway 55. Every summer, the Payette River brings a large flow of river-recreation seekers from all over the country . They come to float the lazy class I’s and to combat the barely tamable class V’s all while soaking in the beautiful scenery of the Boise National Forest.

The Payette River is made up of three main forks: the North Fork, the South Fork, and the Main Payette. The Main Payette is usually more popular to those seeking traditional boating recreation, but if your looking for some white-water fun, then you want to put the raft in at the North or South Fork.

The North and South Fork offer some of the best and most challenging rapids in the nation. Most of the rapids found in these forks range from class III to class V. The North Fork houses more than 15 miles of unrelenting class V rapids that even the most seasoned and toughest rafters cringe at. The most popular and scenic part of the North Fork is known as the Cabarton Run which houses famous rapids such as Francois, Trussels, and the very fun Howard’s Plunge. Kayakers, rafters, and ducky riders are common along these parts of the river.

Can’t get enough of the river in one day? Luckily for you camping and lodging opportunities exist alongside the entire North and South Forks. Set up camp along the river and hit the rapids before any traffic decides to hinder your fun. Whether you are a river-rafting rookie, or a seasoned white-water wrestler you can find fun at some of America’s best river rafting 45 minutes from Idaho’s capital, the wonderful city of Boise. Have fun out there!

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