Three Recent Innovations in Rugby Gear You Need to Know About

Posted on 21. Aug, 2013 by in Boise Outdoor Blog

There are many variables that contribute to whether or not an athlete can and will succeed in his or her chosen sport. These variables include level of fitness, diet, determination, ambition, and, of course, the gear that they wear and use in their sport. Given that rugby players don’t wear very much equipment, it would seem that there isn’t much to improve in terms of the gear the players currently wear, but there are many things that can make a big difference! Here are three innovations in rugby gear that you need to know about before suiting up for your next match.

Innovative Fabrics

Some rugby clothing manufacturers are doing some very innovative and clever work with rugby gear these days. Here at Canterbury, one of the UK’s leading rugby gear retailers, we have a website where you can check out a lot of new products. We sell shirts that are composed of fabric that feature a seamless body shape, which allows for a compressed fit which breeds better stability. Some of these shirts have a base layer of mesh that promotes air circulation and ribbed channels to facilitate body insulation by mapping the body’s cold and hot zones. Some Canterbury teamwear, like our stadium pants, are made with 100 per cent Polyester TZ Tactel which is lightweight, quick drying, durable, and breathable – making it comfortable and practical.

Rugby Boots

Shoes continue to be experimented with in order to come up with the most efficient, comfortable and affordable designs. At Canterbury, rugby shoes have undergone a great deal of change, and have been updated to suit modern concerns and address ergonomic issues. For example, the Control Directional 6 Stud shoe is specifically designed for rugby backs, as the 6 stud format allows the player greater control and features a fine mould rubberized injection which creates an optimum fit and better kicking power. Because top of the line rugby shoes like the Control Directional 6 Stud shoe are made from a nylon and aluminium composite, they are lightweight and promote speed on the pitch.

Rugby Balls

It’s not just the apparel that is being pushed to its limits of innovation by rugby gear manufacturers, as the equipment is also being revised for the better. The Thrillseeker Touch Ball sports a rubber grain casing that gives you outstanding grip in all weather conditions. The ball contains a rubber bladder that ensures the ball retains its shape over time, so you can play as roughly as you like. Canterbury offers balls that are specifically built for various rugby activities, such as the Mini Rugby Ball, for recreational play and practice, or the Prodigy Trainer Ball, which is best used in intensive training sessions and scrimmages due to its ability to retain its shape.

In order to find the best equipment on the market, no matter what sport you’re playing, do some research online and you will probably find there is more work being done on apparel and equipment than you thought. To check out some of the innovative products mentioned in this article, take a look at the Canterbury teamwear on our website.

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