Tips For Summer Clothing

Posted on 28. May, 2013 by in Boise Outdoor Blog, Outdoor Recreation

The onset of summer means that one needs to pack away those bulky sweaters, heavy jeans, constrictive corduroy pants and heavy boots and replace all those wintertime items with lightweight and comfortable summer attire. The summer months are the ideal time for dressing in a manner that is both comfortable and cool.

The heat of the summer can be oppressive at times and one of the best ways to dress for those hot days and nights is to have items in your closet that work well even on the hottest of days. A lace camisole is perhaps one of the most crucial items to have in your rotation as it can be worn to the office, out to run errands, in the evening and every other time and place in between.

A lace camisole has the ability to be worn alone or underneath of something else. This is a great option and function of a lace camisole as during the summertime it is common to be indoors where air conditioners are blasting and for one to be cold to only then step outside where the sun shines bright and the temperature soars. This is why you can use a lace camisole as a versatile piece that will have you comfortable whether indoors or outside.

During the daytime, you can pair a lace camisole underneath of a suit, blazer, jacket or shirt and have just a hint of the lace peek through for a feminine and professional look that works well when you want that extra pop of style under your typical work clothes. You can then take off the top layer if you go outside or get hot as the lace camisole is beautiful enough to work well on its own and one that is well fitted is demur enough to be acceptable attire for the office.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, such as nighttime events and activities, a lace camisole that is paired with eye catching shorts, skirts or even capri pants can make for a unique and trendy look. You can pair fashionable heels and a few key pieces of jewelery to make an evening look that works well for a night out on the town, dinner out with friends or even a full night of club hopping.

The fact that a lace camisole is so versatile makes it one of those rare wardrobe staples that truly is worth investing in. In fact, having a few lace camisoles in your closet will help you always have the options available so that during the summer you can dress for comfort and have a piece of clothing that can work well whether dressed up or down.

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