You Can Be a Vegetable on the Couch or Learn How to Cook with Direct TV Packages!

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Not the Average Couch Potato

Long gone are the days when television was more geared towards the inactive consumer. Do you remember, how Al Bundy would always say “All Peggy does is sit around and eat Bon Bons while watching the tube.” If you have direct TV packages you can watching it all.

Back in my day

Grandpa would come in and ask me if I spent all day in front of the boob tube. I bet that gave you a chuckle too, that word is now obsolete. Televisions no longer have tubes in them.

How far we have come

In today’s world it is way more than a place to be entertained. It is like a classroom with someone teaching you. Just as long as you have DirecTV.If you don’t then you are settling for the local channels only. So say goodbye to being a vegetable, go get your notebook and lets talk about what having a satellite dish is like.

What kind of shows are there?

There are a ton of shows today. There are shows on every topic from sports to under water basket weaving (that is a hobby right?) They have shows for children, teens, adults and even babies.I mean who knew they would come up with quite a few shows about being a housewife.


Everyone has their favorites but now that I am older I enjoy news programs,the most myself.If you were to go over to my parents house they constantly have some sort of basketball game on. My husband and son in law watch car shows, every chance they get. Even my 2 and 3.5 year old granddaughters have shows they like the best. The two year old just threw a tantrum this morning because Mickey wasn’t on.I need to set that up on the Genie. Even if your only hobby is cooking you can watch shows 24/7,on that topic.

Direct TV Packages have it all

You can’t go wrong no matter what route you take, just as long as you pick DirecTv. They have awesome package that will save you an astronomical amount of money. You just have to give them a call and they will walk you down memory lane to find what you like and want the most.They have packages that have 145 channel going all the way up to 315 channels with premium movie channels. You can’t go wrong with DirecTV, check it out!

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